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Singles mountain biking Long gone are the days when we turned 21, got hitched and settled into a domestic routine. Today's reality is that more and more of us are living life on our own terms. We work hard, we play hard! We also value relationships with people who have similar interests – like-minded individuals who, more often than not, are single themselves.

It's all well and good finding someone from the office to nip out to lunch with, but when it comes to planning holidays, our busy schedules often risk us being left at a loose end. Well, all that's definitely changing, with these interesting holiday options designed precicely for active singles.

Singles' mountain biking holidays, for example, are an excellent option for individuals interested in taking a break from their daily grind and meeting a few new people along the way. You'll be provided with the gear, a guide and an instructor - whether you're a beginner or a true trail hound! All you need to bring along is your enthusiasm for having a good time, a few essentials and, of course, your winning smile.

What's a Mountain Biking Weekend?

If you're curious as to what a singles' mountain biking holiday might entail, rest assured that the biking is only part of the experience. During your break, you'll bike through a picturesque area, for example the Lake District, or the exhilarating French alps, with a mixed group of like-minded singletons. Along the way, you'll eat at great pubs and unwind as you roll through easy-to-follow trails or challenge your skills on some serious downhill runs. All the while, an experienced instructor and guide will be on hand to answer questions and help you on your way while you get to know your bike, and your companions. The basic itinerary runs from Friday evening to Sunday night.

A typical Singles' Mountain Biking Weekend itinerary

Single man mountain biking in Lake DistrictYour weekend starts on Friday evening, when you arrive at a hotel near the trails we'll be riding. Relax and unwind with a drink in the hotel lounge and get a jump-start on mixing with other singles arriving for your active weekend. Saturday morning, you'll have our first official introductions. Then group members will receive their gear along with a brief training session to ensure everyone is clear on the rules of the road and comfortable with their equipment.

Once everyone is ready, the party gets moving along a route through the countryside that matches the dynamic and skill level that suits the group. Novice mountain bikers will not be taken down a wooded path packed with switchbacks, and we're not going to bore a gang of gung-ho riders with a flatland run, so don't sweat it! As we roll along, you'll get to know your fellow riders. You will stop in a great local pub for lunch, then continue our journey until we reach a suitable spot for freshening up before dinner.

The Sunday schedule will be roughly the same, allowing you to spend more time both pushing pedals and mingling with the group. This gives you a chance to better get to know individuals you're interested in, if you choose.

Is a Singles' Mountain Biking Holiday for me?

Only you know whether an active singles' weekend is right for you. The mountain biking breaks on our site are tailoring to suit the skills of the majority of riders in any group, and training is provided at the outset to help beginners get a good start. For those shy singles out there, a common experience such as a mountain biking weekend provides a great icebreaker – allowing you to show your stuff, share some laughs and build relationships with new people. Check out our listings below for more information about upcoming mountain biking trips for singles. You never know who might meet you at the trail head!

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