Fed up with internet dating?

Can't seem to find anyone compatible? No-one is quite the same in person as they are in their online profile? Not everyone you meet is serious about finding a partner?

If you've answered yes to any of the above, why not consider one of the following more personal introduction services?

Both companies below offer interviewing and vetting of new members so you can be sure everyone you meet is genuine and looking for a long-term relationship. DateLine Platinum is a nationwide agency and Drawing Down the Moon has members in London and the South West.

Click Elite 121 Introductions
  • Regular hand selected one-to-one introductions
  • You may also be picked as an Introduction for others, where your respective criteria match
  • Come and go as you please: Membership never expires
  • Convenient and flexible as you can put your membership on hold at any time
  • Private and Confidential: Your surname is never revealed and your phone number is only released with your permission
  • Accurate and trustworthy: Our profiles are always accurate and our members are who they say they are
  • Your Dating Personal Assistant cherry picks new members as they join to meet you
Drawing Down The Moon
  • A very personal introduction service based in London and the South West.
  • Hand-written member profiles reveal personality in a fresh and humorous way.
  • Members encouraged to visit offices to select potential partners.
  • You may also elect to engage a consultants to use their insight and intuition to select partners on your behalf.
  • You can be allocated your own personal matchmaker who will select potential partners and speak to them on your behalf before putting you in touch.
  • Different membership levels and a range of services offer a service tailor made to individual needs.
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