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Overall rating for Speed Dater Average rating of 4 out of 5

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the whole experience was really bad! just to pay for the event I had to call 3 times the customer service. They changed room and instead of being in a nice one we were in a ugly and small room without air con. Few of them apparently cancelled the profile before having the chance to rate them. Few of the girls thought some of them were actor, and in fact they had no profile! I am arguing to have a refund! Terrible! Definitely to avoid!!!

Rated 1out of 5 Jessica - London - Jewel - Tue 18 Aug

Organisers didn’t show up and didn’t get a refund, avoid at all costs

Rated 1out of 5 Ian - Newcastle - Tue 3 Jun

Hi Just wanted to let you know I attended a speed dating event in Edinburgh a couple of weeks ago - had such a good night all the guys were lovely and been on 2 dates since with the same guy I met there - out again tonight so fingers crossed! Thanks Ditch or Date

Rated 5out of 5 Linda - Edinburgh - Thu 11 Jul

Well organised and nice people. Nothing more to say!

Rated 5out of 5 Elise - London - Wed 27 Jun

London parties are fab - the biggest in London.

Rated 5out of 5 Laura - London - Tue 13 Dec

Had great fun, so up beat. Not at all what I expected. The place was full of really nice guys, all chating and having a laugh. Plenty of dancing too. The lock and kep game is a great ice breaker, I even won a bottel of champagna. The photo wall is a good way to let someone know you like them without having to come right out and tell them. Went out on two dates after the event on anotheer night. Really clicked with one of them. Wish me luck! xxx

Rated 4out of 5 Leah - Speeddater Party - Thu 24 Nov

I went speed dating with a mate and had a really good night. The host made us feel really welcome and comfortable. We met some really nice girls at the event. The event ran really smoothly and seemed very well organised! I met up with one of the girls after the event as well.

Rated 5out of 5 Lewis Phillips - Kanaloa - Wed 2 Nov

Went speed dating last night at Grace Bar. It was my first time, and I chose this company as they have the nicest venues in London on their schedule. As I expected, a lovely venue, but also a really decent crowd (apart from one guy ha ha!!). The host was very professional and it was very social but organised. No cringe moments. If you haven’t done it you need to try it. Even if you don’t fancy anyone it’s a different night out well worth trying.

Rated 5out of 5 S.b - Grace Bar London Oct 20th - Fri 21 Oct

Abacus salsa party was fun - busier than i was expecting and it was a nice crowd. Glad I gave the salsa a go. Was actually very good, not too hard, even for me!! Why is it ladies always come in groups, what to do if you like two from same group?

Rated 4out of 5 Steve - Londo Party - Tue 18 Oct

Was an absolute joke, not in a good way, when i got there they thought i’d cancelled- i’d done no such thing. then the night was awful. and they have the cheek to sign you up to a repeat subscribtion to the site at FULL PRICE WITHOUT warning, then you have to seriously jump through hoops to careful at the end when u think u’ve done it all, theres still that bit more sending an email form your registered address to geT out of it.

Rated 1out of 5 Louise - Manchester Pitcher And Piano - Tue 14 Jun

Really good fun! Speeddater use some of the nicest bars in London have been a few times now and will continue to go as I know Mr Right is waiting for me at an event soon!

Rated 5out of 5 Charlotte - Sound - Sat 30 Apr

Was a little apprehensive as I went on my own, shouldn’t have worried the host had everything very well organised. I had a wonderful evening talking to some lovely men. My only complaint is that the dates couldn’t last all night...

Rated 5out of 5 Anna - Kanaloa - Sat 30 Apr

Great fun, went with 3 friends and we have all met up with guys since the event (thankfully none of us picked the same guy!) Will definitely be going again if things don’t work out -)

Rated 5out of 5 Caroline - Bond/24 - Sat 30 Apr

I went to Firefly on New Years Eve with some friends & we had the best night ever!! I can honestly say that I’ve not had that much male attention in a very long time... & it wasn’t only me that went home feeling satisfied! The whole event was organised, also with lots of fun things to do.

Rated 5out of 5 Cheryl, Speed Dater Nye At Firefly - Tue 4 Jan

I attended the Birmingham Grad Pro event at Utopia Bar and was very surprised by the turn out. 19 guys turned up which was great. I will definately be booking another event with them letting my friends know about them too. Great night. Thanks Guys!

Rated 4out of 5 Helen, Birmingham - Wed 15 Dec

SpeedDater & Cosmopolitan/Men’s Health party rocked!!!!! love the venue, sexy crowd and was blown away by the goody bag. anyone know when the next one is?

Rated 5out of 5 Alison. Cosmo Party @ Studio Valbonne, October 2010 - Tue 30 Nov

I had a really good night at an event at Sound in London, the organisers were really friendly and helpful and I met about 11 really hot girls, and I have since met up with 4 of them! I would definately recommend speed dater to everyone, The host Dani was so accommodating and went out of her way to ensure everyone had a good night! Good night all round and hopefully I have met the women of my dreams in Stacey!

Rated 5out of 5 Tony - Sound London - Mon 11 Oct

it’s easy to see why this company is the biggest in the uk. i’ve been to 2 london parties and both were very busy packed with a great crowd and set in fantastic venues. my only minor complaint was the speed dating sessions were quite loud, but when it’s a busy event i guess you have to expect that. better than being small and quiet i guess. well done speeddater, keep it up!

Rated 4out of 5 Tony, Maida Vale London - Fri 1 Oct

My first experiance went really well, and the people were interesting. The host was very friendly which helped me relax. Got a few ticks and am going on a second date soon. Success!

Rated 5out of 5 Mel, Grace Bar London - Fri 1 Oct

Went to a Speed dater event last week, had an awesome time. Very busy, and really hot guys in a great venue as it was so central. Host was lovely, she explained the whole process to me as soon as i arrived which made me feel really at ease. Cannot wait to go to my next Speed Dater event.

Rated 5out of 5 Imo - London - Tue 28 Sep

I went to a Speed Dater event last week and couldn’t believe how much I enjoyed it! The venue was really lively, and the Speed Dater host made you feel welcom unlike others i’ve been to where they appear to judge you. I got to meet lots of cute guys, 4 minutes never felt so short! Afterwards you just have to tick who you liked and your profile highlights your simple! Can’t wait to go to my next event!!

Rated 5out of 5 Imogen - Firefly - Tue 28 Sep

Really good idea and is a lot more fun then I thought it would be. I have booked my next event already.

Rated 5out of 5 Speeddater - Tue 28 Sep

Great night, superb organisation and a very relaxed atmosphere. It was my first night speed dating, and I have to admit I was a little nervous, but the host put me at ease and even gave me a few tips! I’ll definitely be returning.

Rated 5out of 5 Darren - Fri 24 Sep

SpeedDater & Metro Newspaper party was BRILLIANT!!!! first event i’ve been to, saw it advertised in Metro and thought why not! Great crowd, very busy - i think over 400 people, and the venue was stunning. well done. do another one!!!!

Rated 5out of 5 Jackie, Nw6 - Mon 20 Sep

Dreadful experience. Host never turned up and never let us know. only 6 women to 7 men. Bad turnout at most of their speed dating events. Getting a refund is very difficult. Would not recommend them.

Rated 1out of 5 Jen, Speed Dating, Reading - Sun 8 Aug

0 out of 5 - turned up for an event in Reading on Tuesday and the Host failed to turn up, hadn’t advised us or the bar! When trying to complain it took over an hour to speak to someone and as soon as I mentioned a compplaint they said it was a bad line and I got cut off! After several emails they have refunded my money but have refused to accept any further responsibility. Do not use speed dater they really don’t care - customer service awful!

Rated 1out of 5 Mark - Ivory Lounge, Reading - Sun 1 Aug

I went to a Speeddater event the other night with a girlfriend and had a fabulous time. There were 17 guys and 16 girls so we only had to sit out for one date, but that was great as I could write down notes on my score card. I also loved the venue, such a great vibe in there. I would definitely recommend it!

Rated 4out of 5 Jenny - Kanaloa, London - Mon 28 Jun

This company has the nicest venues listed on their site. i have been to one event and was very impressed. everyone was very friendly and chatty and the host ran it perfectly. i would recommend this company for sure.

Rated 4out of 5 Jess, 24 Bar In Soho - Thu 24 Jun

very impressed by the event at kanaloa i recently attended. the bar is the sister club to mahiki so the event sold out a drew a great crowd. stayed on with the girls after and had a dance. watch out though, drinks are a bit pricey! but worth it for such a cool venue. speed dater def choose the best venues in london.

Rated 5out of 5 Sian, London, March 2010 - Wed 24 Mar

Hey i just wanted to make a quick note that the event was brilliant!! A special thanks to Dani the events coordinator who really made the night - i will definately recommend to others

Rated 5out of 5 Melissa D’auria : Onanon - Thu 3 Dec

i went to the november party at abbey and had a great time. it was my first time so i went with a friend and after a few drinks we both agreed it was a lot of fun. not to mention a big confirdence boost! we have already booked to come back. we are going to the NYE party at the same venue so join us there!!

Rated 5out of 5 Louise, Abeey Party, November - Wed 2 Dec

i have been to many different companies but speeddater always has the largest events with a pretty equal split. their parties are particularly good, you literally will meet hundreds of people in one night.

Rated 5out of 5 James, London - Tue 14 Jul

Alaisa, can't have been speeddater wine tasting as the total group size is about 20 so its impossible to get 10 ladies more! I have been twice now and at both events there were 2 more ladies than men, but you chat in groups and not one on one so it didn't matter. I've already booked my third wine tasting event for this year with speeddater. Better than speed dating, more social and relaxed. Highly recommended!

Rated 5out of 5 Louise. Wine Tasting, The Punch Tavern - Wed 1 Jul

Not the same since ben went off to do his own thing. Numbers down from last year. Guys still awful though :(

Rated 1out of 5 Alaisa, Glasgow - Tue 30 Jun

I went to an event in Brighton at Koba. The venue is really cool, and it was good the speeddating was in a seperate room at the back. There were 15 women and 13 guys so I had to sit out 2 dates but I didnt mind - it was nice to have an extra break! There was an interesting mix of people, I ticked a few guys and got 2 matches - so not bad for £20. The host was really good and put everyone at ease - Id definetly recomend speeddater to people in Brighton looking to meet somone.

Rated 4out of 5 Charlotte, Brighton - Wed 24 Jun

Used Speeddater three times, generally well organised and very nice ladies. Number of couples: 25-16-12. 12 is a bit disappointing.

Rated 4out of 5 London - Thu 11 Jun

I went to one of their wine tasting events. There were about 10 more women than men, which made the whole thing pointless. Despite this, attempts to get a refund or booked on another event were refused by Speed Dater. Id never go on another event of theirs

Rated 1out of 5 Allison, Wine Tasting In London - Sun 7 Jun

Ive gone speed dating before and there were loads of people but I didnt meet anyone so I went to this event. There were 17 women and 18 guys so I had to sit out for one date, but the host gave me some dating tips while I waited. It was so nice to attend an event where there were so many nice looking and interesting women. I got 4 matches out of it and would definitely recommend Speeddater to anyone thats thinking of doing speed dating.

Rated 5out of 5 Graduate Professional - Sugar Reef - Mon 1 Jun

second time i have been now, really nice venue (great location in mayfair) all the ladies were very interesting and easy on the eye which helped! its good to see an equal balance and busy events for the older age groups. were not out of the game yet!

Rated 5out of 5 Paul, Dover St - Thu 21 May

Great night, venue was good, was worried before hand as it was my first time but the host put me at ease. Would definitely go again.

Rated 4out of 5 Reading Ivory Lounge - Fri 20 Mar

Brilliant! Over 20 dates - almost too many ladies!

Rated 4out of 5 Dover St Mayfair On Monday 16th March - Wed 18 Mar

good venue/location. i met nearly 20 ladies and a few of us stayed on after. best monday night ive had in ages hah

Rated 5out of 5 Dover St Mayfair - Mon 16 Mar

good food and wine, nice people. very relaxed evening. no pressure like some other dating events

Rated 4out of 5 Punch Tavern - Mon 16 Mar

i went to the party with a big group of girlfriends and had such a laugh! we were surprised actually, we werent sure about the kind f the crowd that would go but it was really busy and a good mix of people. well organised and the speed dating was good - busy, noisy but fun! will def go again

Rated 5out of 5 Agenda March 7 - Mon 16 Mar

event was cancelled only 3 hours before it was due to start and it took about 3 weeks to get a refund! :(

Rated 1out of 5 The Corinthian - Sun 8 Mar

The Organiser wasnt the best of help!

Rated 2out of 5 Clive, Wilmslow - Wed 18 Feb

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