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Just a note to say thank you so much for organising such good fun last Saturday. It was lovely to meet you. We all thought the DJ had great taste in music. We’ve been on the look out for dancing venues since Dover St wine bar closed! Hope to come to your next event! best wishes, Jacqui

Rated 5out of 5 Jacqui Bradley - Mar 19 Gattis City Point - Fri 26 Feb

I went to an event with this club for the first time on Feb 6th at Union Regents Place and thought they were great. Julie looked after me very well putting me in touch with other ladies before the event. Everyone at the event was great. Read the last review and wouldn’t agree. I was clear when I joined that I would receive emails and texts about events and could be removed whenever I wished. I fully understood when I booked. Thank you Beverley

Rated 5out of 5 Beverley Gaynor - Feb 6th Union Regents Place - Fri 19 Feb

Had a great time Mar 19th at Gattis City Point. Met a really nice group of people and Julie looks after me very well introducing me to a few other lovely ladies also coming alone. Definitely will be back to another event. Regards Melanie

Rated 5out of 5 Melanie Scouse - Gattis City Point - Fri 19 Feb

Went to Union Regents Place last Saturday Sept 26th. Missed the speed dating but had an amazing evening. I’ve met a man I will probably be seeing again and my friend Reine met an interesting man also working for a production company. Had a great evening. Regards Adrienne

Rated 5out of 5 Adrienne Celli - Sept 26th Union Regents Place - Mon 28 Sep

Great Venues, Great Prices, Great mix and age range, Great Atmosphere, Great Saturday Nights.................

Rated 5out of 5 Sofie - - Sun 30 Aug

It was my first time at The Grand Union last night and I have to say it’s a great venue. It’s easy to get to and find and couldn’t be more easily placed. As for the venue, plenty of space, efficient bar staff and a Happy Hour to kick start the evening made for a great evening, there was a real New Year’s Eve type atmosphere and I even met a pleasant lady too so all in all I had a fantastic time. Tim from Kent

Rated 5out of 5 Tim Reason - - Mon 11 Aug

The event was a good experience. I enjoyed the speed dating very much and the venue was great. I think these guys are great event planners and I’ll definitely be going again in the near future.

Rated 5out of 5 Rishi - Grand Union Bar June 21st - Sun 20 Jul

Hi Julie Just wanted to say a big thank you for a lovely evening . You and your team were very welcoming. I met some lovely people , everyone was very friendly . The chaps were super And the whole evening gave my confidence a very much needed boost Regards Fiona (attended June 16th event on the meal at The Rembrandt, SW7)

Rated 5out of 5 Fiona Payne - The Rembrandt Hotel, Sw7 June 16th - Wed 25 Jul

I read the last review on the site and must say that I certainly did not find this to be the case when I attended. The organisers are extremely attentive and look after everyone. I also found the other members I spoke to at the event extremely approachable.

Rated 5out of 5 Heather - Charing Cross Hotel - Fri 11 Nov

I have attended these events on a few occasions found the atmosphere very cliquie, no one spoke to you one of the hosts extremly rude yes its good value but overall after 19 visits i would give it a miss sorry i dont share the sentiments of the previous post

Rated 2out of 5 Anon - Fri 2 Sep

attended Black Tie event at the Tara Hotel last weekend - good fun and a lively crowd. Meal was good and good chance to meet people as the men change tables after each course. Plenty going on too with mass speed dating and party with DJ after dinner.

Rated 5out of 5 Rosalyn - Black Tie Event Tara Hotel - Sat 19 Mar

I was dragged along by my friend reluctantly to an event with this club and I was quite surprised how normal the men seemed to be. I’ve been on several dates with men I met on Feb 26th. I still don’t think I’ve found Mr.Right but then again I’m VERY fussy. Think I might go back to interview a few more guys lol!

Rated 5out of 5 Susan Clayton - Feb 26 Charing Cross Hotel, Wc2 - Fri 18 Mar

Went to the black tie ball at Copthorne Tara Hotel Mar 12 and had a fab evening. I can’t believe that I’ve met a man at my first event. I’ll certainly recommend this club to my friends.

Rated 5out of 5 Helen Spencer - Mar 12 Copthorne Tara Hotel, W8 - Wed 16 Mar

I came to the event on Feb 26th at Charing Cross Hotel feeling quite nervous. I’m glad I came on the meal as I came on my own and I got to know lots of other members before the party started. It was a very cosmopolitan mix but then I prefer this to the local events I’ve been to out where I live in Essex. It was the best time I’ve had for a long time. I know now I can definitely recommend this club to my friends.

Rated 5out of 5 Lesley - - Wed 16 Mar

Last night we had a boat trip down the Thames. 300 people on board. It was the most fantastic fun. Always so many nice people at Contact events and the boat trip is one of the highlights of the year. I would heartily recommend Contact to anyone thinking of joining. The vents are all fun and friendly and professionally organised.

Rated 5out of 5 David - Sun 18 Jul

Contact Singles events are friendly and well run. The organisers really make the effort to introduce you to people and get everyone mixing, which makes for a very relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. I’ve been to other singles events and Contact Singles are definitely my favourite - good value for money too.

Rated 5out of 5 Jacqui - Sat 17 Jul

A well run singles group offering a mixture of reasonably priced events (speed dating, Lock & key, meals) along with dance parties in a variety of quality London venues. A great way of meeting other single people for a night out and forming friendships and possibly a relationship. Members do tend to be 35 and it’s advisable to come at the beginning of the evening to get to know some people better before the dance party begins. Give it a try.

Rated 5out of 5 Paul F - Sat 17 Jul

London is sadly lacking in the type of event that Contact Singles provide.I certainly recommend that you go along to a Party keeping an open mind and a willing to socialise.Julie is a caring host and will go out her way to ensure that you do not feel out of place.A varied ion of venue’s.I would suggest a quick phone call in advance to check the organisers venue recommendation. Good Luck!

Rated 5out of 5 Steve West London - Mon 12 Jul

Had a great evening at a victoria event - Slug and Lettuce - Speed dateing

Rated 5out of 5 Colin Easdon - Slug And Lettuce - Speed Dating - Mon 12 Jul

I would highly recommend Contact Singles as a dating and friendship club for anyone who is single, and living around London. The events are all well managed, and held at lovely venues in hotels or wine bars. The organisers, headed up by Julie and Morgan, are all friendly and the atmosphere is unpretentious. Everyone new is made to feel part of the event - but with no pressure. The Club is such, that if you meet someone and it does not work out

Rated 5out of 5 Geraldine Smith - Sun 11 Jul

Contact Singles is a great place to meet other singles and because there is no membership fee it is affordable. The venues alternate between smart hotels and trendy bars so there is something for everyone. It’s a very good way of meeting people as you are introduced to others on arrival. Give it a try and I guarantee you will be back again and again as it feels like you are going to a friend’s party where everyone wants to see you.

Rated 5out of 5 Jackie - Fri 9 Jul

i would have no hesitation in recommending contact singles as the events are varied and held at different venues in London which can be either a five star hotel or a club but always friendly reasonably priced and well attended, i particularly like the way the hosts and hostesses make sure you are introduced to everyone at the beginning. The organiser Julie always puts a lot of effort into making sure the events are enjoyable & run smoothly Brill

Rated 5out of 5 Sam - Fri 9 Jul

contact singles events are a great way to meet social singles at top london venues,an instant social life making money friends in a safe warm friendly envoironment

Rated 5out of 5 Steve - Thu 8 Jul

Contact Singles is a great way to meet new people in a safe environment, Julie who runs it together with her army of helpers try to make newcomers feel welcome and will try introduce them to others at the venue.

Rated 5out of 5 Stephenl - Thu 8 Jul

I recommend contact singles to every one who is single , contact singles is affordable , elegant , full of kindness and respects from the people who runs it , its being held in different posh hotels , the food and music is amazing , instead of sitting at home on your own on a saturday night come to contact singles meet new friends and dance the night away and you never know you might meet the man or the woman of your dream .

Rated 5out of 5 Mariana From London - Thu 8 Jul

I would have no hesitation in recommending contact singles as the events are varied and held at different venues in London which can be either a five star hotel or a club but always friendly reasonably priced and well attended, I particularly like the way the hosts and hostesses make sure you are introduced to everyone at the beginning. The organiser Julie always puts a lot of effort into making sure the events are enjoyable and run smoothly

Rated 5out of 5 S - Thu 8 Jul

Itis now 7 months since I started going to Contact Singles, I have found everyone to be very friendly, and made to feel very welcome.The speed dating is fun,the party afterwards is very enjoyable.I see it as a social event with nice people, good music and dancing and if I meet the man of my dreams it will be a bonus. I am very hopeful! It certainly beats sitting at home on your own on a Saturday night!Highly recommended.

Rated 5out of 5 Samantha M - Thu 8 Jul

Contact singles is one of the best experiences available. The venues, which are constantly reviewed, are elegant and welcoming. The people you meet are intelligent and genuine and hostess Julie ensures everyone feels comfortable and is introduced to new people. Aside from the quality of the experience, Contact is great value - where else would you meet interesting people, in a lovely hotel, over a three course meal for only about £30?

Rated 5out of 5 London Venues - Thu 8 Jul

Was told about Contact Singles by some friends so i went along to see for my self. Went along with an open mind and had a great time. Started going to the speed dating and the meals. Enjoyed the different venues and made lots of new friends,i then met a lovely lady who i have now been dating for 7 month. Would definitely recommend Contact Singles. The lady ,Julie, who runs it makes everyone welcome.

Rated 5out of 5 Andrew (aka Fip) - Wed 7 Jul

The parties are held at safe locations, the member are respectful. A big thank you to the organisers who are brilliant

Rated 5out of 5 Patty - Wed 7 Jul

There is definitely no better singles scene in London than Contact Singles. I was extemely nervous when I attended my first event, particularly as I came by myself, but I was instantly put at my ease by the organisers. Since then I have never looked back. I have made loads of friends at the Saturday night events, which range from black tie balls to informal venues for dinner and dancing. No shortage of datable men. Well done Contact Singles!

Rated 5out of 5 Pat - Sat 26 Jun

I always havea good time when I attend Contact Singles events. The people are friendly and atmosphere always good. I did date someone I met at a dance for 2 years. I was made very welcome and felt totally comfortable going back when the relationship ended. I have also made the most amazing friends and often recommend the functions to my single friends.

Rated 5out of 5 Adrienne, London - Fri 25 Jun

its the friendlies club and I did meet a man from Contact who i dated for five years.It was also nice that we could both go along for a dance when ever we fancied because Contact Singles had no objection as we were a good ad for the club. 5 star rating

Rated 5out of 5 Anon - Thu 24 Jun

I started to go to Contact Singles about 20 months ago and thought of it as a social club. I have met many people both male and female and then five months ago I started dating a really wonderful man whom I already knew and had spoken with many times. I would recommend Contact Singles as a way to meet people and socialize and you never know you may meet that special person too.

Rated 5out of 5 Dervishe Omer - Wed 23 Jun

I would recommend ’Contact Singles’. The events are varied, well located and well priced. The organiser Julie takes a proactive interest in her members so it doesn’t feel impersonal. Venues are regularly appraised, effort is made to keep equal ratios of male to female, the DJs are great and there’s a minicab service available too. I met someone on my 3rd or 4th event. I would say to anyone...just go with an open mind and to enjoy yourself.

Rated 5out of 5 Female Anon. - Wed 23 Jun

I would recommend Contact Singles. The club is well organised and the events are held in beautiful surroundings - many in well known hotels in central London. I’ve attended a number of the black tie and other dinner events. The key thing about these is that everyone is introduced to someone else by the organisers at the pre-dinner drinks before sitting down to a meal. These events are the perfect way to meet other people and make close friends.

Rated 5out of 5 Steve O’neill - Thu 17 Jun

Good two or three course meals at the dinner events with the men moving tables between courses to maximse mixing and ice breaking before the party.

Rated 5out of 5 Michael May- Have Attended Dos At Various London Hotels - Wed 16 Jun

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