Will You Find Your Superman or Wonder Woman on Match.com?

A lot of people who use online dating are looking for that special someone. Not just casual hook-ups, but an actual connection. And who’s more special than Superman and Wonder Woman? Both of whom apparently used to be on Match.com.

Yes, DC and Match.com are cross-promoting. The comic book characters have fake profiles on Match.com, though according to the site their profiles are both “retired”.

Disappointingly, after a read of the fake profiles, they don’t really live up to the standard set by other, non-official, fake online dating profiles for fictional characters — such asĀ this still side-splittingly hilarious Ezio (from video game series “Assassin’s Creed”). A fair few comic book opinion websites have commented negatively on the profiles — especially their writing. Perhaps it has something to do with Superman using an excessive amount of emoticons, and referring to his Fortress of Solitude as a “pretty sweet man cave”. Or maybe it’s the part where it pretty much states that Wonder Woman is a fan of Twilight.

Oscar TK

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