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Given the trees in the background this couple could believably be involved with farming as a career.

There’s a fair amount of niche dating sites out there. They’re always something I’m attracted to, as the concept of meeting someone special over a shared common passion is something that just kind of makes sense. There are some fairly obscure ones, such as that one time we covered SeaCaptainDate. But other niches seem to recur in the dating scene, and one that I’ve definitely seen a lot is dating based around farmers. One example we covered before was Weed Dating — a speed dating event for farmers in New York state.

New UK-based dating site Muddy Matches was originally conceived by its creators, sisters Lucy and Emma Reeves, to address the issue of matchmaking amongst farmers. Due to the isolation of farmers it can be difficult to meet others like-minded. However, since going live its broadened to not just farmers but for anyone “country-minded”. The homepage says it can be just for friendship too, but we all know how these sites work really. It seems like a real solid site for find others of a similarly “muddy” constitution.

What do you think of Muddy Matches, and furthermore niche dating in general? Are you in agreement that “opposites attract” is not necessarily true and that it’s important to bond with someone initially through a shared interest or hobby? Let us know your thoughts and “um”s and “ah”s in the comments section below!

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