Marry Me Already

Online dating sites can be helpful for those looking for relationships. Sometimes things work out so well that they couples even end up getting married.

Well why only sometimes, damn it? Marry Me Already is a new online ‘dating’ website that makes it their aim to get people into long term relationships, even marriage.

The About page says that ‘users on conventional dating sites aren’t exactly raising their hands to say “Hi, I’m looking for marriage”’. It provides an atmosphere where it’s okay for people to be that way. It’s true that on normal dating sites if you put something like that down, you’re scare a lot of people away. By creating a ‘niche’ sort of website specifically for people looking for long-term commitment, you’re making it better for everyone.

What do you think about this website? Do you think it’s right that people should want to get married and then find someone, as opposed to finding someone and then wanting to get married to that person. Share your views with us in the comments section below!

Oscar TK

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Oscar Taylor-Kent is considered by many to be both a dating and technology expert. As a result of this, online dating is something he knows about in spades. He also writes about a lot of other stuff too, and can be found at

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