Do Men Cheat More? They’re Definitely Attracted To Sex

Analyst Jody Schechter has written an analysis for Compete Pulse looking at the demographics of men on online dating websites. The study arose after a friend of Jody’s bet her that the dating site for cheating,’s “visitors are almost entirely male”.

Her study found out that in almost all of the Top 30 most popular dating sites, men outnumbered women. In generated word clouds for the dating sites’ ‘About’ or ‘Home’ pages, the bottom 10 dating sites (when arranged by male percentage of users) mentioned the words ‘singles’ and ‘relationships’ a lot, whereas the top 10 “more male-dominated” sites featured words such as ‘causal’ or ‘sex’ more often.

Jody concludes that even though men frequent ‘cheating’ online dating sites more than women, it is does not make an “ironclad case” that men cheat more. Instead she concludes that it could be because “more men visit the sites with explicit sexual messaging”, which could be “because the developers of the sites cater their content to heterosexual men”.

The full article can be found here, and is well worth a read.

What do you make of how male dominated online dating is? Do you think online dating sites cater too much to heterosexual men? Leave your comments below.

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